M.Rydel - c.v.

DR MACIEJ RYDEL, born 1943

International expert in history of Polish gentry and manor houses. Owner of the biggest private documentation of Polish manor houses. Author of 4 books on manor houses: "Jam dwór polski" (I am the Polish Manor House - 1993, 1997): "Oblicza polskiego dworu" (Faces of  the Polish Manor House - 2003, 2004) and "Dwór- polska tożsamioć" (Manor house - Polish identity-2012, 2014) and "Wiejskie dwory i pałace rekomendowane przez Polskie Towarzystwo Ziemiańskie" - 2015. (Country manors and palaces recomended by Polish Landlord Association). Author of 50 articles and conference papers on the history of manor houses in Poland. Photographer and painter. Author of 20 exhibitions of photographs and paintings (18 in Poland 2 in Brussels). Member of the family with 12 generations’ traditions. Vice-president of Polish Landlords Association and Vice-president of the Association of Art Historians – Gdańsk Branch.

Head of Marketing Studies at Faculty of Economics, University of Gdańsk (1992 - 2008) Program Director at Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development. Marketing consultant. Author of 50 publications on marketing management. In the years 1990 - 2000 consultant to the British Council on management training in Poland.

Awarded the Knight;s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2014) for his contribution to national heritage preservation. and Medal of the Commission of National Education.